What is it?

ConverStory is an Android exclusive app that is a conversation visualizer and hands-free voice activated image search engine using speech recognition and image search technologies to translate spoken words into images and real-time captions in over 50 languages.  These images can then be shared, saved or even set as the device’s wallpaper from within the app.  When no nouns are detected after a specified amount of time (30 seconds by default) a slideshow of beautiful photographs commences.  These images are certified Public Domain and Royalty-Free.   ConverStory can also be cast to any Chromecast enabled TV or device (highly recommended).  The ConverStory Games are fun as well.  Rules can be found here.

***ConverStory will not run with the “Do Not Disturb” feature enabled in Android***

Internet Connection Requirement

ConverStory requires an internet connection.  The app only runs over a WiFi connection by default.  To use cellular data, select Enable Data in ConverStory Settings.  Consult your cellular provider for more information on data charges.

Main functionality

Once you have launched ConverStory with an active internet connection, simply start speaking.  Your words display as captions at the bottom of your screen.  Images then display on a regular basis for words it recognizes, mainly proper nouns, such as people, places and things. Here is a list of proper nouns to give you an idea of the type of words that commonly return good images.  Images can display in portrait or landscape mode by tilting your phone in either direction. To stop on a particular image, touch the screen and press the pause button. You can then swipe right to go back to previously displayed images.  To resume press the play button.

You can change the captions to any one of over 50 languages.  This is done in real-time as you speak.  Just select the translate icon at the top of the app or choose “Caption Language” in Settings.  You can also turn captions off all together if you wish.
Saving Images
To save an image when you are paused on one, simply click on the Save icon (disk) at the bottom of the screen.  Here you can save it to the ConverStory folder on your phone or set it as your wallpaper.


To share an image when you are paused on one, simply click on the share icon on the bottom task bar.  Here you can share it with any of the applicable apps on your phone.
An incredible amount of time and effort has gone into creating ConverStory.  If you are enjoying it or find it useful, please show your support by sharing the app by clicking the “Share App” icon at the top right of the screen.

HD Image Slideshow

Hundreds of beautiful images display in a slideshow when no recognized nouns are detected. There is a 30 second default delay time for the slideshow to start.  This delay can be adjusted in Settings.  There is also an accompanying clock that displays the current local time.  This can be toggled on or off in Settings.


ConverStory can cast to any Chromecast enabled device in full HD.  This is by far the best way to experience ConverStory.  Press the Chromecast icon in the top right of the app when in portrait mode and select the device you would like to cast to.  Please ensure you are on the correct source input on your Chromecast enabled device.  If no Chromecast icon is visible you are likely not on the same WiFi network as your Chromecast enabled device or are using cellular data.  If you’re having problems getting Chromecast to work, try restarting your phone and/or Chromecast enabled device.  For more information regarding Chromecast, please visit the Chromecast Support Page

The ConverStory Games

Tap the dice icon at the top of the screen to be taken to the ConverStory Games rules.  There are currently two different games; Category Match and Word Match.  This is also where you can find the Category Generators and Word Generator.  Note that the games are best played with two or more people and an additional phone, tablet or computer.


Tap the gear icon to access ConverStory Settings.  You can adjust the following:

  • Upgrade to Remove Ads – Click here to pay a nominal fee to permanently remove advertisements in ConverStory.
  • Safe Search – Toggle Safe Search on/off (on by default)
  • Phrase – When enabled (default), the app will listen for more than a single word to display an image.
  • Keep up – When enabled (default), the app will try to keep up with the speakers.  When disabled, images will also display for words spoken in the past.
  • Continuous Listen – When enabled, the app will process the user’s speech for image results when they pause or stop speaking.  When disabled (default), the app will process the user’s speech for image results every few seconds as specified by the Listen Duration slider.
  • Caption Language – You can select what language is displayed across the bottom of the app.  This is translated from your speech in real-time.  You can also disable captions all together here.
  • Rotation Delay – Specifies the approximate length of time between images displayed (3 seconds is default)
  • Enable Data – Disabled by default. WiFi is always used if detected. Enable Data to use your devices cellular data to access the internet.  Data charges may apply.  Please consult your cellular provider for more information.
  • Slideshow Delay – Specifies the amount of time of dead air (no spoken words recognized) before the image slideshow commences (30 seconds is default).
  • Slideshow Clock – Enables or disables the local time when the slideshow is playing.

If you enjoy ConverStory, please tap the share icon at the top right of the screen to let your friends and family know about it!  A favourable review on the Google Play Store would be appreciated as well.  Thank you for your support!

Have fun and stay tuned for more features coming soon!
The Terms of Use Agreement for ConverStory can be found here.
The Privacy Policy can be found here.